Us children are the biggest consumers of soft drinks

and yet there are so few healthier options in a sector dominated by high sugar drinks!

We wanted to change that, by offering a range of healthier fun hydration choices designed by kids for kids.

Meet doodles – a range of awesomely superb sparkling and still drinks designed by kids for kids. we keep ingredients to a minimum and everything we use is all natural. time to hydrate… time to create – what will you doodle when you drink doodles?…

We are the Eason’s Alfie (10) Millie (9) Felicity (3)

For growing bodies and minds, we use only natural ingredients with no added sugar or nasty preservatives. we encourage creativity and learning with each and every “colour me can” – giving kids the chance to colour, wipe and recolour with any felt tip or coloured pencil of their choice.

OUR drinks have No nasty artificial flavourings or preservatives, just natural fruit flavourings and water.